Thomas Nillos Chuntic


I am a freelance developer with specialization on web development, programming, designing, prints, graphic designs and video editing.

It is my best interest to bridge the communication problems and turn it to better opportunities for business clients who apparently are confronted with in this high-tech run business world.

My craft speaks so much on giving solutions thru creative, practical and innovative ideas with affordable cost. Equally important also is placing my heart on every project I worked on with great enthusiasm. In such a way I am able to bring success on every client's business by speeding it up to work better.

I am a graduate of University of Cebu with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last 2005. My education equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills for me to land a good job. Immediately after I went thru series of job hunting. Since then I hold many work experience from the different companies. My professional experience in this field brought confidence that led me to work independently.What really distinguishes me from others is I am balance between artistic and technical excellence paired with enthusiasm and reliable service.

Projects that are absolutely satisfying to clients have resulted thru innovative mind setting. I am very proud of my services offered to different clients with diverse challenges yet well justified. You can personally track my records by simply hitting the icons below which further explain how I make business with clients with utmost creativeness. Those sample designs are committed to using our powers of visual communication for good. I enjoy developing creative and exciting projects with our clients and I promise to not let my love for design overwhelm my client's project. It is my desire also to let my client be part of the solutions. Currently I am working in a small business scale which holds a lot of advantages to my previous and future clients. Basically, because I can work with flexibility and I am not working for anyone. Thus, you get a direct deal from me because no middlemen involved in the process. This will able to turn things around faster with more personal service too. My services offer many advantages not only those mentioned above but I can also offer prices that are within reach and negotiable.

In any business there is so much to say about just to get a nod from every client. But, what business like mine more fascinating is when client give me the opportunities to prove my craft and see for themselves of how good my services are when it comes to making change to their business.

I am encouraging every clients to spare a little of your time to learn how my services can provide creative solutions for your business by visiting my site or by contacting me.